Governance of the Africa Bureau

The Africa Bureau was established in 2012 to facilitate effective constituency engagement in Global Fund processes.  Its tasks include, but aren’t limited to, bringing technical support to the Africa constituency representatives (Board Members, Alternate Board Members, and Committee Representatives).

Key Documents

  • Governance Framework for the Africa Constituencies of the Global Fund (As of February 2013)
    1. Background and information
    2. Roles and Responsibilities of Representatives of the Constituencies
    3. Modalities for Selection and Appointment of Africa Constituency Representatives To the Global Fund Governance Structures
    4. Communication Principles and Modalities for Global Fund Africa Constituencies
    5. The Africa Constituency Bureau for the Global Fund

Meeting Notes – Bureau Task Force

  • Meeting of the Constituencies – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – May 5-6, 2015
  • Full report: Joint Africa Constituency Meeting: Strengthening Representation for Africa in Global Fund Governance (Johannesburg, South Africa, 9-11 July 2012) [PDF File]